Betting Expense Tax for Betting Offices

The betting tax becomes an important topic for more and more communities. Private providers like Mobilecasinofreebonus are only considered as service providers who accept bets for the company. Consequently, they only mediate between players and the actual casino sites. Since July 2012, the companies have to pay a total of 5% sports betting tax on the turnover of the players. This applies both online and offline.

The providers act differently when it comes to the betting tax. Some will turn them over to customers as intended, others will pay the tax themselves , for example, levies a 5% tax on all profits if they exceed a certain amount. Other providers charge the fee on all sales.

In addition, some municipalities now want to introduce a betting tax, if you not only bet in the betting shop, but also can watch the games live via a TV or video projector.

For the 1st of January 2022, the wagering tax will also be levied. The betting offices then have to pay around 3% of the gross gaming stake on the turnover of the players. The municipality is guided by the guidelines recommended by the Association of Cities.

As a reason for the tax is stated that one wants to contain the gambling addiction. Statistics prove that the danger of becoming addicted to gambling is higher if one can follow the respective games in a betting office. It should also increase the willingness to make a bet. On the other hand, one sees it as equal treatment with the gambling halls – which unlike betting shops have to pay the amusement tax.

It shows once again that communities and cities want to earn money on gambling. Ultimately, the tax reduces the gambling addiction in a rather minor way. At the most it ensures that fewer betting shops settle in the respective cities. This can have an effect on gambling. For years, however, the stakes and thus the taxes that the municipalities receive increase. Perhaps you would like to compensate for the possible loss of gaming machines, which could arise from the new Technical Guideline 5.0 with the betting expenses tax. It applies to all machines, which are set up in gambling halls and the catering trade and make the playing there, clearly unattractive .

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